Temporary tattoos
Real emotions

Try real-looking tattoos
that last two weeks

Temporary tattoos
Real emotions

Try real-looking tattoos
that last two weeks

Fruit ink
Easy to apply

Why should you get a temporary tattoo from Everink tattoo?

  • Tool to express yourself

    Show your identity and boost your confidence with temporary tattoos

  • Lasts for 2 weeks

    Change tattoos every month according to how you feel

  • Looks real

    Everink Tattoo stains the top layer of the skin, so it looks like a regular permanent tattoo

How it works?

Try it yourself

4000+ five star reviews

  • Patricia

    I like tattoos, but I don't really want to take the risk and make the decision for life. I think temporary tattoos that last for 2 weeks are the perfect replacement for permanent tattoos.

  • Elena

    I liked the proposal of being temporary and allowing me to decide whether I like it or not. Because I had a lot of doubts about which tattoo to get, but using these tattoos helped me make a decision.

  • Lorice

    I like the idea of ​​it being something that doesn't last forever. Because if I change my mind, the tattoo comes off.

  • Maria

    This is the perfect way to test out the idea of ​​getting a permanent tattoo! I ordered 4 tattoos and now I have two months to decide.

  • Nara

    I had a lot of doubts about which tattoo to get, and trying Everink tattoos helped me make a decision.

  • Rayane

    Some of my friends have regretted their tattoos, so I like the idea of ​​testing tattoos before getting a perm.

Unique technology

Everink tattoo is a natural and safe alternative to real tattoo. We made tats by extracting juice from crushed Genipa fruit. Because of this unique ink, tattoos can last up to two weeks on the skin.

Since the fruit grows and thrives in Brazil, we support local production and promotion of cultural preservation.

Choose an eco-friendly option for your next tattoo with Genipa fruit ink!


Why is Everink better than other temporary tattoos?

• Everink Tattoo dyes the top layer of your skin

• It lasts 2 weeks and fades as your skin regenerates

• Whereas other temporary tattoos sits on top of your skin, lasts 2-3 days, peels, flakes and can be washed off

Why is Everink better than permanent tattoos?

• Everink tattoo does not imply a lifelong commitment

• It is safe, painless and easy to apply

How does Everink work?

Unlike most temp tattoos, Everink dyes the top layer of your skin and doesn’t just stick on top. Our tattoos are painless and easy to apply - there are only a few steps involved:

• Take the skin prep pad from the white package, wipe the application area well and let it dry (~20 seconds).

• Remove the transparent film with the tattoo from the backing paper and apply the tattoo to the skin with the sticky side. The bubbles need to be smoothed out.

• Hold the film for 1.5 hours. Take a rest so that the ink appears clearly. Avoid exertion so that excess sweat does not form under the film.

• Remove the film slowly and carefully. Do not touch a fresh tattoo for 30 minutes and do not wet the tattoo area for 4 hours. The tattoo will fully develop over 24 hours.

Are Everink tattoos safe?

Yes, our fruit ink has been tested for product safety to ensure it meets cosmetic regulatory requirements

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the tattoos.

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How do I order Everink tattoos?

• Select any tattoos from the catalog and add them to the cart

• Fill in your contact and shipping information on the checkout page

• Choose delivery method and payment option.

Where do you ship to?

• We ship tattoos all over the world

•Delivery to EU countries takes 2-5 days

• For a full list of countries, visit our Shipping Policy

How much does the delivery cost and how long does it take?

• The shipping is free on orders over €30. For other orders shipping price starts from €5.

• Delivery time depends on your location, you can see them here

• If your order is delayed, write to us and we'll resolve the situation quickly!

How can I track an order?

• Once you have placed your order, you will receive a detailed email

• It will contain a number by which you can track your order on the website of the transport company