clearly show how to apply a tattoo

1/5. prepare the application site

Take the skin prep pad from the white package, wipe the application area well and let it dry (~20 seconds)

2/5. paste the film with the tattoo

Remove the transparent film with the tattoo from the backing paper and apply the tattoo to the skin with the sticky side. The bubbles need to be smoothed out.

3/5. hold the film for 1.5 hours

Take a rest so that the ink appears clearly. Avoid exertion so that excess sweat does not form under the film.

4/5. take off the film

Remove the film slowly and carefully. Do not touch a fresh tattoo for 30 minutes and do not wet the tattoo area for 4 hours.

5/5. the drawing will appear in 24h

Cover the tattoo with clothing during sleep on the first day. At first, the pattern will barely be noticeable, then it will appear and last up to 2 weeks.